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Customizable tech solutions for your business

Expand your capabilities with our flexible and scalable Projects & Solutions. Get trusted expertise for your business beyond internal resources.



External expertise

85% of executives reported that they had used external expertise to address a critical business challenge in the past two years.


Tech solutions

59% of organizations reported that they use third-party technology solutions to support their business operations.

global solutions

Project boost

60% of hiring managers in the United States have used or are currently using remote teams to complete projects.


  • End-to-end delivery process

    • 01. Ideation

      Collaborating with the client to identify project goals and brainstorming ideas.
    • 02. Scoping & Architecture

      Defining project scope and deliverables and creating a technical architecture to meet requirements.
    • 03. Design & Budgeting

      Creating project design and determining budget requirements.
    • 04. Lean Delivery

      Using Agile methodologies to deliver value through small, iterative releases.
    • 05. Deploy

      Conducting final testing and deploying the product to the production environment.
    • 06. Scaling

      Scaling up infrastructure to handle increased traffic and usage.

    • 07. Support

      Providing ongoing support and maintenance to ensure stability, security, and up-to-date technologies.
  • Driven by goals and lean principles

    • Link Group’s projects framework

      Our Projects Framework emphasizes communication and transparency, utilizing best Agile practices. Complete visibility into the development process is ensured, and customer feedback and lessons learned are incorporated to ensure continuous process optimization.
    • Iterative development for project success

      We promote project success through our adoption of Scrum/Kanban methodologies within our delivery process. Our commitment to continuous improvement is evident in our use of multiple cycles of feedback and iteration to refine and improve the project.

    • Advanced toolset for transparent communication

      We deploy a comprehensive toolset, which includes Slack, Confluence, Jira, and Bitbucket, to enhance transparency and communication across all phases of the development process. It empowers our clients to have real-time communication with our team while providing them with a clear understanding of the development process.
  • High-performance Project Team

    • PMO & Head of Projects

      The PMO & Head of Projects oversees project portfolio management, implements industry-standard PM tools and processes, and manages the pool of highly skilled and experienced talent. This guarantees that each of our clients receives the best talent suited for their project needs, as well as efficient project management and execution.
    • Engagement Manager

      The Engagement Manager streamlines collaborative efforts between clients and Link Group teams by acting as a master planner. They remove initial phase hurdles and ensure that the project is off to a smooth start.
    • Project Manager

      Our dedicated Project Manager serves as the SPOC for all project dimensions, overseeing and planning the project while providing transparent reporting. They ensure that milestones and goals are met while incorporating customer feedback, providing our clients with complete project visibility.
    • Project Team with Technical Lead

      Project Teams with Technical Leads are strategically composed to align with your service quality goals and tech stack. This ensures quick readiness and seamless rotation, as well as high-quality delivery that is in line with your expectations.
  • Why Projects & Solutions?

    • Cut your team handling costs

      Over the years, our consultants have specialized in delivering the expertise of highly qualified professionals experienced in a wide range of industries.
    • Address market changes immediately

      Quickly respond to gaps in your company's workforce capital and remain prepared for emerging market needs.
    • Transparent cooperation

      Open and consistent communication at every stage of the process, including systematic feedback for the efficiency of ongoing projects.
    • Flexible location

      You can opt for onsite, remote, or hybrid teams. 78% of our specialists have at least 2 years of experience in remote work.

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Why Link Group

Dedicated services for companies with varying needs

  1. Facing team capacity challenges
  2. Seeking to transfer specific project responsibilities
  3. Requiring niche expertise
  4. Prioritizing time-to-market
  5. Whose existing skill sets no longer align with their business needs


Reliable technology partner

Our specialists have acquired cloud certifications from leading providers. We're always equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to help you succeed.
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Standard Chartered

Link group in numbers

  • 97%

    of consultants in Link Group’s network use  Agile

  • 1100+

    experts - our monthly sourcing capability

  • 1600+

    of our engineers are at the Senior level with 8+ years of experience

Why Link Group

The Group you can trust

Plenty of tech development professionals in business have put their trust in us and our work

“Our trusted partner for over half a decade.”

Przemek Kowalewski

Przemek Kowalewski

CEO, Westwing

“Miles ahead of their competitors.”

Wojciech Lacz

Wojciech Łącz

CIO, Accor

“Reliable even for the most demanding.”

Piotr Kowalski

Piotr Kowalski

Head of Global Infrastructure, Danone

“I recognize and recommend Link Group as a highly valued partner and look forward to many years of precious partnership.”

Artur Hajski

Artur Hajski

Director of Engineering, UNUM

“Excellent support allowed for efficient time allocation.”

Dorota Sieklicka

Dorota Sieklicka

Head of BI, CCC

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Other cooperation models to fit the nature of your business

Managed Services

Find on-demand services that can help you tackle your needs in cloud and app management, cybersecurity, or UX & UI.



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Outsourcing & Staff Augmentation

Top-notch experts and payroll solutions to optimize costs and instantly boost your performance.
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  • What is staff augmentation vs consulting?

    • Staff augmentation refers to the process of supplementing a company’s existing team with additional human resources. It primarily concerns short-term projects, but can also be applied to longer projects.
  • What are the differences between hiring an employee on an employment contract and B2B?

    • B2B and employment contracts primarily differ regarding the body of law to which the parties of a contract are subject. For an employment contract, it is the Polish Labor Code, and for B2B contracts it is the Civil Code.

      The tax and social security payment liability is one of the more significant differences. The employer covers these costs for an employee under an employment contract. In the case of a B2B contract, the costs are borne by the contractor. 

      In addition, an employee on an employment contract is provided with paid vacation (20 or 26 days depending on tenure), paid sick leave, and additional days off for occasional special situations (funerals, births, etc.). An individual on a B2B contract may be provided with paid vacation under the terms of a gentleman's agreement with the employer.

      Both contracts also differ in their notice periods: for an employment contract, the notice period ranges from 2 weeks to 3 months, while for a B2B contract, it is flexible, but usually 1 month.
  • How long does it take you to deliver a specialist/a team of specialists?

    • It depends upon the role, its complexity, and technical requirements. Usually, it takes us between 5 and 15 working days to fill a vacancy.
  • How do Link Group’s contractors report their working hours?

    • It works both ways: Contractors monitor and report their hours directly in the client's ATS system, where at the end of each month managers approve them or conduct the hourly reports in their Spreadsheets (also approved by  managers).