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Elevating Danone's Global Efficiency

Reimagining Cloud Infrastructure & DevOps for Danone


04 Aug 2023


Łukasz Urbaniak

Łukasz Urbaniak


Danone, a global leader in the FMCG industry, was grappling with the challenge of managing its widespread business units efficiently due to outdated and disjointed cloud systems. This fragmented infrastructure led to significant delays in operations, impaired business decisions, and an overall decrease in productivity.

The company required a scalable, efficient, and unified cloud-based solution that could seamlessly integrate its global operations.

danone cloud devops


Link Group's experts stepped in to revamp Danone's cloud infrastructure. They leveraged their extensive expertise in SAP, Azure, Linux, Microsoft SQL, Commvault, Ansible, Terraform, PowerShell, Azure Automation, HCI Nutanix, and VMware to deploy a holistic, multi-layered solution.

The first step involved consolidating Danone's multiple IaaS/PaaS/SaaS systems into an optimized, Azure-based cloud environment. This transformation was carried out using Terraform for infrastructure provisioning, and Ansible for configuration management. Azure Automation was used to automate routine tasks, leading to increased operational efficiency. In addition, Link Group implemented a robust backup and recovery solution using Commvault, ensuring the protection of Danone's critical data.

Finally, the team created a unified SAP platform that could be utilized by all of Danone’s business units worldwide, promoting seamless collaboration and faster decision-making.


Beyond Traditional Cloud

Transform Your Global Operations


  • Operational delays decreased by a significant 45% due to the consolidated cloud environment.
  • A 60% improvement in data retrieval time was achieved, thanks to the efficient Commvault backup and recovery solution.
  • The productivity across all of Danone's business units increased by 35% with the integration of a unified SAP platform.

Danone witnessed significant enhancements in their infrastructure's performance and efficiency, leading to improved operational workflows and business decisions. 

Additionally, the ongoing management of their cloud-based systems by Link Group allowed the client to focus more on strategic growth initiatives and less on technical infrastructure.


04 Aug 2023


Łukasz Urbaniak

Łukasz Urbaniak

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