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19 Apr 2023


Łukasz Urbaniak

Łukasz Urbaniak

For a mid-sized e-commerce company struggling with performance issues and high costs related to their on-premises infrastructure, Link Group provided a solution to their challenges. Our team of experts was able to assist the client in migrating their entire infrastructure to a cloud-based environment, optimizing their operations, and saving them significant costs.

Client's challenge

The e-commerce company faced several challenges with their on-premises infrastructure, such as:

  • limited scalability,
  • high operational costs,
  • complex maintenance,
  • potential downtime.

These challenges affected their ability to grow, meet customer demands, and stay competitive in their industry. The lack of scalability made it difficult for the company to handle peak traffic periods, leading to slow website performance and frustrated customers. High operational costs reduced profitability, while complex maintenance increased the burden on their IT staff.

In effect, they decided to hire a managed services provider that would help them migrate their infrastructure to the cloud, optimize their operations, and save them costs.

Proposed solution

Our team of experts at Link Group assisted the client in migrating their entire infrastructure to a cloud-based environment, which included application servers, databases, and storage.

We implemented auto-scaling, load balancing, and redundancy measures to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. We also provided ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and support for the client's cloud infrastructure, allowing them to focus on growing their business.

onprem to cloud

Why and how did we migrate to the cloud?

Cloud migration was deemed the best solution for the client after a thorough assessment of their existing infrastructure and business needs.

Cloud-based environments offer several advantages over on-premises infrastructure, including better scalability, cost efficiency, and higher reliability. The ability to scale resources on demand allowed the client to handle peak traffic periods more effectively while the pay-as-you-go pricing model helped reduce operational costs. 

Ensuring a smooth transition from on-premise to cloud-based infrastructure involved several steps, including:

  1. Creating a detailed migration plan that outlined the timeline, required resources, and potential risks.

  2. Setting up the cloud-based environment, including configuring virtual networks, storage, and security measures.

  3. Migrating and testing applications and databases to ensure compatibility and functionality in the new environment.

  4. Gradually transitioning traffic to the cloud-based infrastructure while monitoring performance and addressing any issues that arose during the process.

  5. Decommissioning the on-premises infrastructure once the migration was successfully completed.


Our strategies to achieve 100% effectiveness

Optimal performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness were achieved in the freshly migrated client's cloud-based environment through several strategies:

  • Auto-scaling: Automatically scaling resources up or down based on demand, ensuring optimal performance during peak traffic periods and reducing costs during periods of low demand

  • Load balancing: Distributing traffic across multiple instances to improve performance, reduce latency and increase fault tolerance

  • Redundancy measures: Implementing redundancy measures to ensure high availability and minimize the risk of downtime. This can include deploying multiple instances across different availability zones or regions, setting up automated failover systems, and using backup solutions to quickly recover from any failures

Moreover, ensuring that the client's cloud infrastructure was always up and running involved several activities:

  • Proactive monitoring using monitoring tools and alerts to detect and address potential issues quickly

  • Regular maintenance, including applying patches and updates, as well as optimizing resource usage to maintain performance and cost-effectiveness

  • Responding promptly to any detected issues, working with the client's team to resolve problems, and implementing preventative measures to avoid future occurrences

onprem to cloud


Reduced infrastructure costs by 35%: Our team of experts was able to reduce the client's infrastructure costs by 35%, by implementing cost-effective measures such as auto-scaling, load balancing, and redundancy. The client was happy with the significant cost savings they were able to achieve.

Improved website performance and loading times by 50%: By migrating to a cloud-based environment, the client's website performance and loading times were improved by 50%, leading to a better user experience for their customers.

Ensured 99.99% uptime, leading to increased customer satisfaction and sales: We implemented measures to ensure that the client's infrastructure had 99.99% uptime, leading to increased customer satisfaction and sales. With 99.99% uptime, customers could consistently access the website, leading to a better user experience and increased trust in the company. This reliability likely resulted in higher conversion rates and repeat purchases, all of which contribute to increased sales and customer satisfaction.







19 Apr 2023


Łukasz Urbaniak

Łukasz Urbaniak

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